What's iEuroMillions?

iEuroMillions lets you check the latest numbers of the popular pan-european Euro Millions (Euro Millones | Euro Milhões) lottery. The numbers are fetched from the internet and then displayed to the user without futher delay.


iEuroMillions also provides several tools for bettors including Statistics and a Random Number/Bet Generator with both a normal mode (completely random) and a statistics mode (uses the statistics to improve the odds).


You can also check the screenshots section to get a feeling of what iEuroMillions looks like.


How do I get iEuroMillions for the iPhone or iPod?

If you've iTunes available on this computer/device you can use these links:


Full Version

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$0.99 / 0.79€

Lite Version
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If you don't have iTunes available, simply search for "iEuroMillions" on the AppStore at your device.


How do I get iEuroMillions for Android?

You can visit this site and follow the link on your device, or use the QR code:


Android Version
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qr code


Alternatively you can also search for iEuroMillions at the Android Market application.


Who develops iEuroMillions?

iEuroMillions is developed by Alexandre Gomes, a software developer and consultant with several years of programming experience. Other creations for the iPhone and iPod include iAdSense and more to come soon.

Disclaimer: iEuroMillions and this web site is not affiliated or supported by my employer.
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